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With the development of the national economic, people’s living level is rising everyday, floor decoration, especially soft decoration is becoming a kind of new fashion style. Rugs and carpets shaggy in floor decoration is playing an important part in home living, hotel, office and public entertainment. So we would like to introduce more information about fashion rugs Chian.
Advantage to use carpet on the floor
1.sound insulation. with a carpet, even very thin carpet, it can stop the noise to transmit to all of your neighbors, on the carpet, you can dancing, playing yoga,even have a rest.If you have a baby, when it drops some toys, there is no noise.
2.keep good air quality. Most of shaggy carpet have long piles, it is not only comfortable, but also can absorb the dust in the air to make the air clean.
3.Safety for children and old. carpet is made of all kinds of materials, such as wool, polyester, acrylic, etc. All the material is soft flooring material, it is different from the floor tile and marble floor, it can keep child and old not to slip, if possible, please put area carpet or wall to wall carpet on the floor.
4.elegant appearance. Carpet with different colors and modern design to keep your room more individual,cozy and elegant.
5.Environmental protection. carpet does not have radiant material and will not release poison gas, all the material is azo free and can pass the REACH test,it meets all the requirement of environment protection.
Each coin has two sides, carpet has its disadvantage,such as:
1.easy to pollute and hard to clean.
2.when absorb water,it is hard to dry.After washing,it will shrink and out of shape.
3.Durability.almost carpet is made of chemical fiber,the wear resistance is poor.
4.flame retardant efficiency,when the carpet gets fire,it couldnot extinguish by itself unless add some flame retardant material in the yarns,the cost will be much higher. 

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