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Carpet is now the development of the situation

The country in the manual process of this piece of the overall design, is very advanced consciousness. In fact, our country, especially a lot of traditional handmade products, in the production, you will find in the international reputation will be very high. We can see the country in a variety of handicraft production, now can also use a lot of automated machinery and equipment to produce. But its pattern also requires artificial design. In fact, our country in this piece of textile, with a very strong strength, in the process of China's carpet production, he designed the pattern and style, in the international reputation is still very high.
We will find that some of our country's well-known enterprises, in the process of China's carpet production, not only in the domestic sales are very good, but also exported to Europe and Central Asia and other regions. The face of the world more than a dozen countries in the sale, and annual sales, are very large. This is mainly because our country in the carpet manufacturing, its overall manufacturing process is very advanced, but also in the design of this one, but also has our national characteristics.
A lot of countries why choose China's production of Chinese carpet to buy, is to see its production process is very good, we are in the carpet production, although the use of automated machinery and equipment for production, but there are many details of the place, are Hand to operate. So the carpet after the completion of production, you can see the overall effect will be very perfect.
So exports to foreign sales, its sales are still very high. But we will find that our domestic carpet production and processing, he will use more materials. As in the past are basically with some ordinary linen or animal hair to the carpet production, and now in the production, the use of more new materials, the product is not only produced its color is very good , And will find that, when used, wear a higher degree.

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