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Characteristics and application of carpet

(a) hand woven wool carpets
Domestic hand woven wool carpet is dyed with wool spinning, and weaving according to design drawings. The general use of the 8 word buckle (internationally known Persian knot made tufted buckle). At each feet of carpet knotting several layers of accumulated carpet, carpet road number, the greater the density of tufted carpet, better quality, more expensive. General household carpet for 90 ~ 150, senior indoor blanket are more than 200, an individual can reach up to 400. Hand woven tufted carpet to smooth and cutting processing with special cutting device, the blanket surface is smooth, uniform pile lodging. Then the electric scissors cutting processing, according to the hierarchical design pattern, cut into pieces embossed. But also for the chloride washing process by chemical corrosion and mechanical action, the pile of single worsted yarn twist, the cross section of the brush tip, lodging smooth, produce mercerizing effect. After drying, the surface of the product is smooth and silky, the handle is smooth, compact and elastic. Finally, the modification of the lining, the improvement of the suede and the elimination of all kinds of quality defects and repair, to complete the carpet.
Hand woven pure wool carpet design is beautiful, bright color, magnificent, thick texture, flexible, soft and comfortable, durable. However, as a result of fine workmanship, high prices, commonly used in high-level meeting places, large hotels and residential.
(two) woven wool carpets
Woven wool carpets with similar properties of manual textile wool carpets, carpet surface smooth, good gloss, comfortable and durable. Machine woven pattern is not as good as woven carpet casual, but the pattern is neat and delicate. Post modification work is not as good as manual textile carpet. Compared with chemical fiber carpet, it has the advantages of high resilience, antistatic, aging resistance, flame resistance and comfort. Can be industrialized mass production, moderate price.
Woven carpet is suitable for hotels, hotel rooms, stairs and most public places, can also be used in the home shop. This carpet has a flame retardant products, used in high-rise buildings and public places such as high fire requirements.
(three) pure wool nonwoven carpet
Pure wool nonwoven carpet is mainly coarse wool as raw materials, by using acupuncture, needle, adhesive and electrostatic flocking nonwoven forming method is made, it is a new variety developed in recent years, has the characteristics of uniform texture, high quality and inexpensive, easy to use etc.. Widely used in hotels, stadiums, theaters and other public places.
(four) chemical fiber carpet
Chemical fiber carpet is a new kind of paving material, it is a substitute for traditional wool carpet. Chemical fiber carpet has a wide range of sources of raw materials, can be mechanized mass production, low price, resistance to moth eaten, easy to clean, welcomed by the people. In 80s, a large number of chemical fiber carpet production technology was introduced and developed in our country.
(five) rubber carpet
Rubber carpet is a kind of natural or synthetic rubber with a variety of chemical raw materials, hot vulcanization forming roll carpet. The utility model has the characteristics of bright color, softness and comfort, good elasticity, water resistance, anti slip, easy cleaning, etc.. The utility model is especially suitable for the special environment of a bathroom, a bathroom, a swimming pool, a vehicle and a ship passage. All kinds of insulation grade special rubber carpet is also widely used in power distribution room, computer room, etc..

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