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Four major advantages of square carpet

Square carpet is a kind of carpet in accordance with the laying method of carpet and shape specifications, due to the breakdown of carpet consumption, consumer demand for carpet products are increasingly diverse. More and more families choose to use square carpet. So why is the square carpet so popular, the following to give you an introduction to the carpet carpet can not be replaced.
A large, small, easy storage, handling, handling and paving. The main gauge carpet is 50*50cm, 20 piece / box, compared with the carpet, does not require professional mechanical loading unloading, there is no need to use a large number of manpower to carry, not to enter the elevator between screenwriters, therefore particularly suitable for the laying of high-rise building. Coupled with precise specifications, assembly convenience, can greatly improve the efficiency of paving.
Two, in order to fight small, any combination of patterns, creative whim. Through the different color, pattern and texture of the creative collocation, according to the owner's intention or the specific place style carpet for the overall visual effect of re creation, not only can be free, simple and comfortable natural taste, can also be the theme of space performance is rigorous, rational and regular, modern style can also choose to highlight the avant-garde, personality aesthetic tendency.
Three, anytime, anywhere, update, easy maintenance, cleaning, replacement. The local wear, dirty carpet only by block replacement or cleaning can be removed completely, do not like the carpet that all renewed, worry and effort and money. This is convenient for the installation and removal of the carpet carpet for the timely maintenance of the cable, pipe network equipment to provide a convenient.
Four, PVC cover material has remarkable waterproof, moisture-proof special properties, so it is particularly suitable for the ground floor or underground construction. At the same time, the carpet also has a good flame retardant, anti-static properties and excellent dimensional stability and appearance of the maintenance, and therefore welcomed by consumers of all walks of life.

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