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How to lay the carpet?

How to lay the carpet?
In the modern family, the majority of owners like to spread a carpet on the ground, both good-looking and warm, but few people will only be infected with the carpet,
This is because the carpet will breed a lot of bacteria and mites, when people's exposure to the skin mites, will appear itching, erythema, papules, cough
Phlegm, accompanied by fever, dizziness, chest tightness, etc.. In addition, the physical allergy prone people exposed to dust mites, allergic reaction
So, asthma, hay fever, eczema, this is the "carpet disease" -- one of the most common source of indoor air pollution.
preventive measure
1, as little as possible with the carpet, it is best not to synthetic carpet. The newly laid carpet will release up to 100 different chemicals into the air,
Some of them are suspected carcinogens, and some are prone to genetic mutations. After a period of use, each part of the carpet will multiply into a million
Microbes, easy to spread, carpet disease".
2, if the living room carpet, can use natural fibers such as wool or cotton carpet carpet, can also be based on the family try to use natural fiber
A small piece of carpet, we must do a good job on the carpet maintenance, maintenance, cleaning and disinfection, once a day with a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust, dust
Monthly, timing for cleaning and disinfection or drying, prevent bacteria and mites in the carpet. Don't let babies crawl or sleep on the carpet.
The bedroom is best not carpet. Although the carpet after the sound insulation, non slip, warm effect will be better, but because it is not conducive to cleaning, a long time
There will be bacteria, is not conducive to health. In addition, if the home is geothermal heating, try not to carpet, in order to avoid heat directly from.
Heat dissipation does not come out to make resistance wire burn off.
3, laying carpet, avoid the use of adhesive installation. Usually the adhesive will contain formaldehyde, it is recommended that people with allergies should be as far as possible when laying carpet
Avoid the use of bonding, which can reduce health risks.

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