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Office carpet laying skills and purchase

Now more and more companies will carpet, but because of the larger office area, the format is mostly, frequent personnel walking, carpet finishing and cleaning work will have a certain degree of difficulty. There are office lighting and Feng Shui issues, which are related to the field. Shop may not come to the customer as the first impression of failure, but also into Feng Shui problem, so the office should choose a good carpet.
The office is used for office, generally use the carpet carpet to join, carpet carpet price is moderate, basal thick layer under second Ma bottom, and 2 mm -3 rubber, with a thin layer of glue on the mat outside, so the land itself is heavy, straight and smooth people walk on it, is not easy to roll up, so carpet general mining activities deck, the operation method is simple, specific steps are as follows:
First of all, to play the bullet line, the cable should first find the center of the room, pop through the bucket center point and perpendicular to each other positioning line. If the room number is even, then the carpet seams through the center line, such as the row number is odd, then the center of the center of the ground carpet block Zhou line.
In pavement carpet, the carpet paving appearance, should adopt the method of optical cross laying and backlighting. Before paving, first by the direction of the arrow with the arrow in the ground hit in the back hit: paving the middle should be paved on both sides. In order to avoid pavement errors, the first back to L Jane head carpet paved perpendicular to each other, the inspection is correct, in 1 by the middle of the formal pavement.
When the pavement, each should be with the adjacent high-grade carpet carpet mutual squeeze, when a piece of carpet around the shortage, the carpet back in good size, according to the winding surface perpendicular to the arrow and Shanghai, detect and correct, with a sharp knife cut could hit the carpet, the surrounding carpet installed. The carpet after finishing to fluff on the surface of the joint, the villi around rub, which are mutually staggered, ensure suede carpet surface integrity, without gaps. ,
In the door below, in order to prevent the carpet was kicked up, pressed edge of the carpet. Laying the carpet batten shall be on the edge of the carpet, and a flat strip.
Office carpet must be durable, wear resistant, does not breed bacteria, anti pollution, anti weight function. The best thing is to count the nylon. Nylon must choose liquid dyed nylon, choice of carpet color, try not to choose the light or bright colors for a large area of laying, because the light is trying on the day after the maintenance. Should try to choose not easy to dirty carpet. Try not to use as a plain carpet, try to choose with floral carpet, because the color has a little dirty carpet will be very easy to see, pure carpet seams because the uneven surface is particularly easy to see.

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