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What are the settings and procurement of deformation joints?

In order to make sure that the building has enough deformation space, it will be used to prevent the deformation of the building because of the temperature change, uneven settlement and earthquake. So what are the things we need to know about and what to do about it?
Deformation joint setting:
First, the seam width, can not be too wide, the width is directly related to the price; seam width is too large, it is not easy to install. The most common is generally 8CM-20CM.
Two, finish, deformation joint on both sides of the finished surface must be smooth, if the plane, on both sides of the level to level, it is easy to install, after installation is beautiful.
The above is the Anhui port setting deformation joint on the notes of the. Next, we talk about the procurement of deformation joints. Today, a lot of deformation joints, but it is a small workshop, we need to pay attention to two points when purchasing.
A look at the price, two to see the quality. Price, and now the price of deformation seam in fact, in the case of quality assurance, the price is very transparent. The most important thing is still optimistic about the quality. The thickness and width, this point must be the best, also reflected in the contract, or board material, there are many factory, using normal aluminum, imagine ordinary aluminum, if installed, for how long? After the baptism of the rain, some projects slow, the project has not been completely handed over to the owners, it is rotten..... This unconscionable business have? Only those who have suffered.

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