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Weft Knitting Rug QG20160321

Weft knitting carpets with modern, contemporary and fashionable geometric designs.Collection come with a pile height of 10mm and the pile weight can be customized from 1300g/sqm to 1800g/sqm. The pile is super soft and the comfortable underfoot.

Weft Knitting Carpet

Weft Knitting Rug Manufacturer, Knitted Rugs For Sale

Design Number: QG20160321
Pile weight: 1300g/sqm
Pile height: 1cm 
100% microfiber polyester 
Sizes available: 70X110CM,100X150CM,120X170CM,150X200CM,160X230CM
Available colors: Beige,Grey,Pink,White, Red, Picture Design, Logo, etc.
Customer options available. Design your own Carpets!
We are Rug/Carpets manufacturer. 
More than 20 years of experience in custom carpets!

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