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Beautiful Velvet Fleece Rug is coming!

New carpets!! Welcome to wholesale from us!We are carpets factory from China.
【High-quality Materials】:
This innovative runner rug is made of 100% polyester. 
Feels smooth、skin-friendly、soft and comfortable、high-density short fleece、environmentally friendly、no peculiar smell. 
When you walk on the Velvet fleece carpet and slow down, you can feel the comfortable foot feeling and collect the great beautiful moments of life. 
A beautiful rug is a great choice for your home's floor and it will bring you a happy mood.

【Multifunctional Rug】:
This beautiful rug is perfect for decorating your bedroom、living room、children's room、 apartment、 playroom、 nursery、 study、by the bed, and will be used in outdoor rugs, and kitchen rugs. 
Let you enjoy the unprecedented passion and Aesthetic feeling. Harmonious home furnishing with carpets will make you feel warmer when you go out or come home from get off work.

【Unique design】:This rug features rigorous and meticulous workmanship, Machine seaming process, fine stitches, not easy to take off the thread, Edges, and corners fit, not easy to wear, moisture-proof and sound-proof, and increase durability. Non-slip TPR backing firmly grasps the ground to prevent sliding.
Therefore, our carpets can transform your home temperament Nordic style at will, giving you a comfortable home body feeling.

【Color and size】:High quality area rug. Using printing technology, the pattern is clear and the color is bright. Let the color collide with the Velvet fleece fabric to light up the living style. 
Give home and you unexpected surprises,(60X39inh,71X48in)Just the right size to match your room decor and layout, giving the space a unique taste.

【Foldable and Washable】 Easy to delivery and wash.

We also have other kinds of carpets, such like: Faux Fur Rug, 3D carpets, etc.

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