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How are carpets disinfected?

Carpet is an indispensable decoration in home decoration, not only because the use of carpet is practical, but also because the carpet is beautiful and beautiful, and it is more classy when matched with the house.

However, the carpet has been used for a long time, and it is very dirty. Generally, it is not cleaned. You do not know how dirty the carpet is. Understand the daily cleaning and disinfection.

Below is an in-depth analysis of how to disinfect carpets?
First of all, the carpet is different from the hard floor. The interior of the carpet is easy to hide dirt, such as dust and food residues, accidentally spilled water or drinks, if not cleaned in time, it may step on the inside of the carpet fibers as you step on it. Over time, bacteria can grow inside the carpet fibers.

Here are the highlights:
Regular vacuuming of carpets can remove dust, bacteria, and mites. Although the vacuum cleaner cannot achieve the effect of cleaning, it can absorb dust and dust mites to achieve the purpose of prevention.
Carpet users should also wash their carpets regularly, which can deeply remove dust, stains, and bacteria. After all, what you wash is the cleanest.

What are the ways to disinfect carpets?
Carpet disinfection is divided into disinfectant disinfection, high-temperature ironing disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection.
Ozone disinfection is more effective for closed places, but ozone disinfection does not use carpets, so it will not be introduced here.
Ultraviolet disinfection is generally a method of medical disinfection, but ultraviolet light irradiation requires a certain amount of time, and it is not recommended here.
High-temperature disinfection and professional disinfectant disinfection are the most practical for carpet disinfection, and the operation is simple.
High-temperature disinfection is the most environmentally friendly way of carpet disinfection because water is added, and high-temperature gas is formed after heating, and there is no chemical pollution.

Which carpets cannot be steam-sterilized?
However, for some special material carpets such as wool and silk, high-temperature disinfection must be tested in advance before use to ensure that it is safe. Generally, high temperatures may cause discoloration and fading of some special carpet materials.

Disinfectants to disinfect carpets:
If it is determined that the disinfectant is safe and effective, then the disinfectant will be the best choice. Because disinfectants not only have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, some disinfectants also have the effect of continuous disinfection and prevention.

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