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Application fields of different materials

The carpet of different materials will effectively influence the operation field, because of the different individual operators operating products, so it is a priority decision about their office environment, first take a large office area, the environment is full use of office carpet, after all the material in the surface of the carpet and style the design is very strict, so it is the priority decision application field of the carpet, then according to these phenomena we can see that different material laying material and its applications are also has the very big difference.
The interior decoration style and environment of considerable performance, so the operators will adopt a number of auxiliary material to be many contrast, first take everyone very common handmade carpet, the carpet surface in the material and unique performance style, so also unified caused a lot of attention to the application so, here today we take a look at the following, namely different styles of carpet which have considerable performance.
According to the carpet surface can be divided into: velvet carpet, carpet or carpet. Loop pile carpet surface density, high wear resistance, lodging resistance, commonly used in the office or the larger flow of people in the open area. The carpet is thick, luxurious and expressive, often used in hotels, apartments, bedrooms, and entertainment. According to the production process can be divided into: handmade carpets, woven carpet.
Different decoration style must first batch with many auxiliary product, take the elevator carpet laying everywhere visible situation, because the elevator often, so there are many operators are unified by the propaganda method, and also the side to enhance the enterprises in the eyes of consumer awareness, so that different materials carpet for us to bring help is different.

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