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Different effects of three different deformation joints

When the length of the building over regulations, graphic music removed more changes in different parts of the building or the same height or load differences. Building components inside the additional stress caused by temperature change, uneven settlement of foundation or other reasons to show. When the stress is large and not handled at the same time, it will cause deformation of the building components, resulting in cracks or even damage the building, affecting the normal use and safety. Therefore, in the event of the current design of the building with vertical slits into several separate parts. The vertical gap which separates the building vertically is called the deformation joint.
According to their different functions, the deformation joint can be divided into three types: expansion joint, settlement joint and expansion joint.
The deformation in construction should be based on the actual situation of Engineering seam setting. And must meet the design specification. The structure of the processing methods and materials should be hand sewing, waterproof and fireproof and insulation requirements were meet according to its location and needs, and to ensure that the building components on both sides of the joint can be freely deformed and unhindered, not to be damage.

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