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Carpet daily cleaning and maintenance procedures

The vacuum cleaner is completely carpet maintenance of the most important work, not only can remove the dust on the carpet cleaning surface, also can be sucked deep in the carpet at the bottom of the gravel, avoid them in time due to friction in the People are hurrying to and fro. carpet fiber root cut fiber, and can reduce the number of frequent vacuuming the carpet, carpet and elastic recovery the softness and prolong its service life.
(1) the general requirements in carpet cleaning guestroom area once a day; the guest area of high activity (such as hall, restaurants, shopping malls and other daily) shall not be less than three times, usually by an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but should regularly use upright vacuum cleaner, thoroughly suction impurities, carpet root gravel; (2) first remove the large regional garbage and sharps dust; (3) dust, dust, etc. the wall corner rooms or public areas should select appropriate vacuum cleaner accessories; (4) should be used for cleaning from the inside to the outside, and according to a certain order to avoid missing; (5) dust should be used to push and pull, push pull should reverse hair, should ensure smooth hair, carpet fibers smoked on the same side, does not appear after the carpet surface of yin and yang. 2, in addition to stains in daily work, found there carpet stains, should immediately be removed, once found it is necessary to remove stains, stains using different methods to be cleared, otherwise the diffusion will leave forever is unable to clear dirt. Cleaning carpet simply introduces several common treatment methods of hotel carpet stains: (1) the butter will fall on the carpet of butter all thoroughly scraped with a sponge dipped in dry cleaning wipe, then dry. If not completely clear, can be repeated, until completely removed so far; (2) put cream carpet cream with cloth or tissue thoroughly dry, reoccupy sponge dipped in detergent solution to wipe, the solution dry, then sponge dipped in warm water to clean, dry water can be; (3) coffee, cola fruit juice, tea and coffee on the carpet will be liquid, juice, juice, tea and cola with a paper towel, wipe dry solution, then a sponge dipped in detergent solution to wipe, then dry towel, dishcloth solution, and then wipe with a sponge dipped in water, use the same method to suck the water. If the stains are previously stained, with special solution available trace bleach solution and then remove dry sponge dipped in water to clean and dry the water.

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