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How to choose the hotel carpet

The hotel carpet is a long history, the world of products, the earliest to animal hair as raw material can be woven, paving and royal sitting and lying in the cold. With the development of social production, cotton, hemp, silk and synthetic fiber are gradually used as raw materials for making hotel carpet. China's production and use of carpet originated in the western minority nomadic tribes, has more than 2000 years of history, the products are famous in the world. The hotel carpet not only has practical value and artistic performance, it can heat insulation, sound insulation and anti noise, anti rheumatism, flexible and comfortable, and in indoor decoration, with other materials to achieve that noble, gorgeous, beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. Carpet has become an important material of modern architectural interior decoration.
Different places need different carpets. Color, texture, pattern, lining and other requirements vary. The following is a series based on the perspective of aesthetics of technical indicators: monochrome carpet carpet would make the dirt, debris, more dirty stains. If you want a bit excited, can use warm conditioner carpet. If your aim is to relax, use a cool colored carpet in the thick dark areas. Do not use geometric patterns in restaurants, use organic, smooth design. This design does not show dirty. In many places, walking can use soft rugs velveteen. And it is difficult to cut and multilayer velveteen carpet washing. Large room with large pattern carpet, small room with small pattern.

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