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Good home good carpet

            Living room carpet function
    ① living room carpet in the choice of time in addition to the aesthetic of a problem to consider, it is a durable or very critical. Some areas of the living room are more frequent activities, such as the entrance, we have to choose the density is relatively high, wear-resistant carpet (short hair, cashmere).
    ② the choice of the stairs on the best choice of durable, non-slip type, the general carpet in the stairs under the frequency is relatively high, so avoid the use of long hair flat round carpet, because the bottom of the carpet easily exposed in the stairs edge, It is also easy to stain.
    The color of the living room carpet
    ① living room carpet color and the environment can not be too much contrast between the choice of color when the first look at the housing direction, to the southeast or south of the housing, lighting area is relatively large, so the best choice of cool colors.
    ② If the housing is facing the northwest, then choose the color of warm colors, this will make the original cold housing increased warm taste. It is sunny place in the living room as the living room in the living room is selected in the living room.
            Living room with carpet
    Carpet can be arranged according to the style of furniture, the use of mahogany or imitation mahogany furniture, the general selection of lines than the symmetrical pattern of flower-shaped, look simple, elegant; the use of modular furniture or new furniture, and the purchase of irregular patterns of the carpet , Will make people feel fresh, free and easy.

            Choose a good home carpet, can give home to bring warm, luxurious, comfortable feeling, while the advantages of carpet to play the most vividly.

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