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Mechanism Carpet basic structure

      Carpet velvet structure split velvet and ring velvet two categories. Manufacturing methods The same carpet as long as the suede structure is different, its appearance and feel there is a big difference. Monochrome carpet if the suede structure, suede height to change, there will be chic and subtle pattern effect.
1, cut velvet carpet
Cut velvet carpet suede structure was pile-like, suede delicate, soft touch, fluff length is generally between 5-30mm. Villi short carpet durability, walking light, practical, but the lack of luxury, comfortable elasticity is also poor. Full length of the carpet soft and plump, flexible and warm, good comfort, with a beautiful style.
2, cashmere carpet
The suede carpet is made of a certain height of the velvet, it has a neat uniform neat, blanket surface hardness is moderate and smooth, comfortable walking, good wear resistance, easy to clean the characteristics of the place for more places to walk layout. If the change in the height of the ring, or part of the ring to be cut, you can display the pattern, pattern generous generous, elegant style.

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