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Hand tufted carpet production process

A hand tufted carpet is manufactured utilizing a tufting gun with needles mounted in the front. The production process is conducted by operating the machine by hands. The tufted gun employed to create artistic floor pieces looks like a modern drilling machine that shoots soft and lustrous yarns into base. The carpet is produced on a frame which is laced up with a cotton foundation with the imprint of the design on it. Due to the set mechanism the yarn is shot and pulled back on the surface.

This specially designed machine is loaded with all the required equipments; it creates the loop and also makes a cut, as per the demand of the design. The hand tufting gun facilitates a faster production with no limitations in usage of fiber. The price of these carpets varies according to the usage of fiber, size and design of the carpet.

Once the tufts are done, the floor covering is then backed with latex covering to ensure endurance. A hand tufted carpet is easy on pocket and is available in a variety of designs and colors. The art piece created using this technique is mainly used on the floor and is also appreciated for its usage as tapestry. Besides hand-tufting, machine tufting is also popularizing these days. 

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