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Home carpets and decoration to learn how to apply flame retardant materials

At present, almost all of the furnishings and decorative materials are flammable flammable substances, greatly increasing the risk of family fire. In this regard, the fire department suggested that home decoration should be as far as possible the use of flame retardant or refractory materials.
The ceiling, should choose light steel keel, gypsum board and other non combustible material; limit ceiling available general parts or small fire for 15 minutes of flame retardant materials, can not use the wooden keel and splint condole top, if the ceiling for local surface carving, decoration craft needs, can use local splint materials, but must be used light steel keel plate on both sides of the need for the fire area; large ceiling should be separated; pipeline facilities in the ceiling, through the wall of the hole should be tight sealing.
In order to prevent the spread of fire, the wall should be used gypsum board, mineral wool board and other non combustible material; the ground laying carpet, and combined carpet foam carpet not only after the fire and fire, will produce large amounts of toxic gases, are unfavorable to the fire and safety evacuation, therefore should carry out the necessary fire or by fire ground material.
Wire laying should be carried out in strict accordance with the norms, the general use of pipe laying or laying down, the wiring box to be closed. Decorative lamps and interior decoration materials to maintain a certain distance, and prohibit the installation of combustible building components, lighting should also consider ventilation, heat insulation, heat dissipation, etc..

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