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The carpet is not too cold in winter

Cold morning, do you think about the carpet warm and soft feeling? A suitable carpet, not only can increase the warmth of the room, more decorative space. Whether it is in the bedroom carpet or soft touch, colorful living room sofa in front of a blanket, or on the wall like Tiancheng tapestry are the release of soft warm breath, take a hard day and tension.
Various materials
At present, the carpet material is very much. Mainly divided into wool blanket, carpet, blanket, really blended blankets, blankets and other skin rags.
Wool carpet with elastic, heat insulation, anti fouling and good flame retardant performance, easy cleaning, long-lasting color, with sound absorbing ability;
Silk carpet is the most noble of the hand-made carpet, the texture is very high gloss, in different light will form different visual effects;
The blended carpet wool fiber and various synthetic fiber blends into the use of very high performance nylon fiber blended with 20% in the wool fiber, can make the wear resistance of the carpet is increased five times, decorative performance is as good as the pure wool carpet;
Wool blanket application of thermal reaction technology, the artificial fiber spinning with a soft touch of wool, and the hair, more important is the charming feeling a hand;
Chemical fiber carpet with chemical fiber as raw material, with fire, corrosion proof, wear resistance and other advantages, the price is cheap, there is dust, sound-absorbing, heat preservation effect;
For environmental reasons, alternative animal genuine artificial fur fur carpet has become many people's first choice, especially to add other carpets incomparable warmth in the winter, but also create a rich atmosphere;
Rag rugs are environmentally friendly products for home Home Furnishing, Jane family, the biggest benefit is suitable for washing machine.
Gorgeous style
Rich in color and pattern, as more people choose the carpet as a major cause of home decoration. The carpet colors make the room look magnificent, and light and dark carpet can make indoor quiet and elegant...... Barefoot sitting or lying lying on the carpet, you can feel the passion and charm.
At present, the style of carpet can be roughly divided into classical, modern, Chinese, natural, pastoral and so on.
Classical style carpet in the simplicity of the show elegant, noble atmosphere, and luxury, elegant retro furniture with a very harmonious, a lot of handmade carpet more Collectible value. Generally speaking, this type of classical carpet is a symbol of identity, suitable for display in the classical European room.
The natural style of wool carpets as the representative, whether it is the level of pile color stable wool carpet, carpet, or tufted carpet, let a person feel a kind of natural flavor, especially popular pure natural color woolen carpets, each silk wool is a natural color, nature will play to the extreme.
Pastoral style is more to natural colors and patterns into the elegant green, fresh cream is refreshed, smooth and clean lines is not publicity, comfortable and elegant.
Flat, exquisite geometry, created a modern style carpet, bright green, blue, orange, red and so that let a person see will feel full of hope, and from the furniture on the sofa and furniture, more suitable for modern style carpet.
Spatial collocation
Want to use carpet to foil space, can choose a wallpaper, sofa, curtains, tablecloths and other existing colors of similar carpet to fusion, set off each other; if you want to have visual impact, you can choose colors, strong contrast color carpet; small area, in the space of furniture slue, appropriate uses light color or beige and the carpet with simple design, can make the space feel larger pattern; winter, can use warm colors or dark colors, large area of the carpet will make a room feel more closely, especially the fringe pattern is in the empty hall, along the lines of direction, can make the visual feel lengthen.
The pattern can also be used to define different spatial features, for many young people to live a simple, abstract personality pattern has a contrasting but harmonious color, such as blue and white, such as red, yellow, green, clear concise and highlight the character; on the pattern, like the abstract painter's works, may be different color or geometric patterns or combinations of random arrangement, or just black and white intertwined, but the overall feeling of passion and personality of young people.
In addition, the carpet is divided into full use from the blanket, blanket, and so on, how to perfectly match these carpets and living space?
Small piece of carpet, suitable for space local network, such as the entrance, bedroom bed are placed in the appropriate position, can add the room a warm feeling; carpet for rich scattered space, it can be used for small space decoration, may also be placed in a large space with neutral atmosphere, beautiful patterns of fine carpet also can be used as the layout of the accessories, such as hanging on the wall is also very beautiful. The living room can choose to spend a larger, darker color carpet. The carpet in the bedroom, the general choice of small flowers, bright colors of the carpet, furniture can be designed to match the style, classical style, national style, modern sense of the carpet are all the objects of choice.
Choice of carpet
The quality of the carpet can be judged by some simple methods.
Look at the carpet pile density. Touch the carpet, pile quality is high, the carpet surface density is full, so the carpet

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