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To prevent the carpet around uneven

The carpet floor tenants, carpet paved, burr around the room, closing not neat, the corner is not smooth, the common quality problems. The reasons for these problems are mainly:
(1) when cutting the carpet, the knife is not sharp, more than two knife cutting, the edge of a number of short fluff, laying, embedded inside the barbed edge.
(2) thorn top against the wall too close to the edge of the carpet is embedded into the carpet edge caused by exposure, or thorn tops walls too far, after laying carpet gap caused by irregular edge after closing.
(3) when the carpet is placed around the carpet, the part of the edge is exposed.
(4) the corner shop is not flat or needle thorn top wall is too close, not cut corners carpet, carpet corner caused by uneven bulge.
To prevent these problems, carpet laying, must be done:
(1) cut the carpet using a sharp knife, a knife cut open, to avoid repeated cutting.
(2) when laying the top of the needle, the distance from the wall should be determined according to the thickness of the carpet.
(3) laying the corner of the carpet, the carpet should be cut in the corner of the knife to facilitate the insertion of the edge of the carpet embedded inside the barbed tip, to avoid the collapse of the carpet corner due to uneven.
(4) after the laying of the carpet, the periphery of the inspection, some of the burr should not be straight to the edge of finishing.
How to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of arch after carpet paving
Carpet laying is not smooth, arch phenomenon, not only affects the appearance of the room, but also affect the use of households. This problem is mainly due to:
(1) when laying on both sides of the uneven force or force speed is not the same, the carpet spread in migration direction, the local buckling of carpet.
(2) when the carpet is not tight, or when the carpet is not taut.
(3) after the expansion and contraction of damp carpet carpet, cause wrinkles.
To prevent the carpet from arching, must be done:
(1) according to the room marked the baseline, laying carpet will be spread along both sides of the force, even speed, not by foot kick.
(2) laying carpet should be taut, ironing and then fixed in the thorns on the top.
(3) after laying, peacetime use should avoid carpet damp.
How to prevent the carpet after paving the seams obvious
After the carpet is paved, if the seam is obvious, it will affect the appearance of the whole room:
(1) when the carpet is cut, the size of the deviation or not straight, joints appear thin seam.
(2) hot carpet, at the end of the joint ironing.
(3) the ground is uneven, when the slab carpet is laid.
To prevent this quality problem, must be done in construction:
(1) should be cut according to the size of the room, the size should not be too small or too large.
(2) when the two pieces of carpet are spliced, the straight ruler is used to control the cutting straight, or the upper and the lower cutting are used to ensure the seam anastomosis.
(3) hot carpet, at the seams should tighten the seam, tight after ironing.
(4) laying carpet, the floor should be smooth, only laying carpet.

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