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Types and characteristics of carpets

1rag carpet
This carpet material price is very good, simple material, so the price is very cheap, color and pure color can be complementary, very good-looking can use both sides. It can be put inside the washing machine. Only for a small area, the general on the entrance, changing rooms, restaurants, the studio is more appropriate, in the living room, then it will feel more mean to be simple.
2 acrylic carpet
Acrylic carpets are relatively affordable price comparison, and acrylic carpet durability and easy cleaning. In addition there is a sisal jute carpet, summer very suitable, it is probably the most environmentally friendly.
3 wool carpet
Good elasticity, not easy to pollution, deformation, wear, thermal insulation. But it is not corrosion resistance and moth and high price.
4 jute carpet
Very beautiful but not good maintenance, mainly can not be washed, can only use detergent. The price is also very expensive. Summer is very comfortable to sit on the carpet, and almost tatami effect.
5 silk carpet
The price is very expensive, and it is easy to be broken, so the average family will not consider the carpet.
6 nylon carpet
Is one of the most domestic carpet durable, because the nylon carpet has anti mildew, anti slip, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, winding characteristics, and the price is relatively affordable, so most consumers are choosing to display in the corridor, nylon carpet at the door, down the stairs, although the nylon carpet price is higher, but the nylon carpet relatively easy to pollution, easy to produce static electricity.
7 polyester carpet
Wear resistance after nylon, heat and light fastness, not mildew, moth. Disadvantage is that dyeing is more difficult.

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